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12: 00 - 13:00

Webinar on ICD-11 use for Rare Diseases

As part of WHO ICD-11 webinar series, the Classifications and Terminologies Unit in collaboration with the Healthier Populations Division at WHO and Rare Diseases International is organising an ICD-11 webinar that will be held on September 27th, 2022 at 12:00 UTC/14:00 CEST. The webinar will focus on: 

"ICD-11 use for Rare Diseases"


14:00            Welcome notes  - WHO HQ
                     Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General - UHC/Healthier Populations
                     Stephen MacFeely, Director, Department of Data and Analytics 

14:10            Opening remarks - RDI
                     Durhane Wong-Rieger, Council Chair, Rare Diseases International (RDI)

14:20            Introduction to ICD-11 - WHO HQ
                     Robert Jakob, Unit Head Classifications and Terminologies 

14:30            Orphanet and ICD-11 - Orphanet 
                     Ana Rath, Director, Inserm, US14 - Orphanet

14:40            Coding rare diseases with ICD-11 - WHO HQ
                     Eva Krpelanova, Medical Officer, Classifications and Terminologies Unit

14:45            Q & A session - WHO HQ
                     Carine Alsokhn, Technical Officer, Classifications and Terminologies Unit 

15:00            Closing remarks - RDI
                     Durhane Wong-Rieger, Council Chair, Rare Diseases International (RDI)



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